Are Arthas And Varian Related?

Why does anduin call Jaina Auntie?

When Andin was a tween he was hanging out in her bedroom all the time.

Jaina gave him a hearthstone so he could teleport there whenever he wanted, and he started calling her “Auntie Jaina”.

Jaina was always close with Varian while Anduin was growing up, so it just kinda happened that she was like an aunt to him..

Is anduin arthas son?

No he is the son of Lady Jaina Proudmore and Arthas, when he was born he was given to King Varian to raise as a son because he was sterile, and had no hopes of a heir.

Why did sylvanas betray Varian?

Sylvanas had been branded as a traitor by Genn Greymane, Jaina Proudmoore, and other members of the Alliance for her “betrayal” of Varian Wrynn that ultimately lead to his death. … It seemed clear that Sylvanas only fled the scene after Vol’jin fell to prevent a broken Horde from being destroyed further.

Come on, we all know that Anduin is the son of Varian and Arthas. … Anduin is a prince, he is a disciple of the holy light much like Arthas, they both lost a lot at the hands of the Scourge / Legion and so on.

Who killed Varian Wrynn?

Varian was quickly surrounded and overwhelmed by demons, and bravely fought and slay a few — but eventually two felguard stabbed him through the back. Gul’dan mocked Varian as he laid on his knees, impaled by two weapons: “You will be known as the King who gave his life for NOTHING!”

Why is Jaina Proudmoore’s hair white?

From the manga/comic: As Lieren could only use her lifeforce to power the spell rather than magic, the strain of the teleportation caused her hair to become streaked with white, which she uses as a reminder that she can’t win every battle. Jaina’s massive teleport from Theramore could explain her hair turning white.

Is Varian dead?

King Varian Wrynn is not dead and going to huge in BFA.

Who will anduin marry?

Princess TalanjiHe is going to marry Princess Talanji so that there is a permanent marriage link between the alliance and the horde. However, his true secret crush is Li Li Stormstout. That is factually true.

Why did Vol Jin choose Sylvanas?

Vol’jin was a king of sorts as he was Sen’jin leader and warchief, besides it’s sort of poetic for a shadowhunter to become a symbol of light. Actually it’s because Sylvanas was the only name he could remember, can’t exactly say “uhhhh I nominate this uhhhh pointy eared fella to be Warchief”.

Who was King before Varian Wrynn?

Varian Wrynn, also called Lo’Gosh the “Ghost Wolf”, the son of the late King Llane Wrynn, was the acting leader of the Alliance, and the former King of Stormwind.

How old is Varian Wrynn?

Varian Wrynn returned to Stormwind and was crowned king at just 18 years of age. Despite barely being an adult, Varian had already been exposed to some of the harshest realities the world had to offer.

How old is Sylvanas?

We don’t know how old Sylvanas is. Sylvannas has been around at least 40 years, because she was in Warcraft 3. There is no record stating when she was born, but due to the aging of high elves, we can assume she was about a thousand years old when she died at the hands of Arthas.

How did Wrathion kill Varian?

The actual answer is that Wrathion was responsible for hatching the plan to link Azeroth with an alternate-history Draenor (the lore kind of implies that it wasn’t just an act of linking, but rather, that the time-magic involved kind of created alternate Draenor), which resulted in alternate Gul’dan, who killed Varian, …

Who killed Arthas Menethil?

UtherHe then faced Uther the Lightbringer, who explained that the urn held the ashes of his father, King Terenas. The two engaged in a duel with Uther initially having the upper hand, knocking Arthas down and sending Frostmourne flying from his hands.

Why did Arthas kill his father?

He never had the proper respect for Uther to begin with due to being the son of the king and so disregarded him. It all reaches a head when he decides to kill everything living and dead in Stratholme to prevent them from becoming zombies, and Uther and Jaina fail to convince him otherwise, so leave him.