How Difficult Is The SIE Exam?

How many times can I take the SIE?

You can take the SIE as many times as you want, but there are restrictions on how long you must wait between failed attempts.

The FINRA SIE follows the same waiting period requirements as all other FINRA exams: After the first failed attempt, you must wait 30 days before taking the SIE again..

How many questions can you miss on the SIE?

With 75 questions and a required score of 70%, the test doesn’t offer a large margin for error (in order to pass you must correctly answer at least 53 out of the 75 questions). If you have prior education or experience in the financial sector, you may already be familiar with some of these key concepts.

How many questions is the SIE?

75 questionsThe 75 questions are actually 85, since there are 10 randomly distributed pre-test questions that do not count towards the score on the exam. Candidates have an hour and forty-five minutes to complete the entire exam. A full outline of the SIE content is currently available on FINRA’s website.

How long should I study for the Sie exam?

Studying for the SIE Exam Achievable Blog recommends studying for 20 to 50 hours and for approximately two months. However, if you have experience in the field, you can expect your study time to be less than that. Review the FINRA content outline to get a full understanding of the test’s structure and content.

How long is Series 7 GOOD FOR?

two yearsThe Series 7 license is good for the entire period that you work for a FINRA-member firm or self-regulatory organization (SRO). It only expires if you are terminated or leave a firm and do not find employment within two years at another FINRA-member firm or SRO.

Can I take Series 7 before Sie?

Note that FINRA calls the SIE and the “top-off” exams “corequisites,” which means you have to pass both as part of the licensing process, but you can take them in any order. For example, you can take the Series 7 exam before the SIE, but you will still have to take the SIE at some point to be licensed.

Is Series 7 exam difficult?

Though it may seem a bit daunting, especially if you have no industry experience, the Series 7 is, in fact, a medium difficulty exam. … On average, the pass rate for the Series 7 exam is around 65%. Comparatively, about 86% of candidates pass the Series 63 on their first attempt.

How do you pass the SIE test?

In order to pass the SIE exam, you will likely need to dedicate many hours over the course of weeks (or months) to study the material. While everyone retains information a bit differently, it’s recommended that you spend at least 50 hours seriously studying before your exam.

Can anyone take the SIE?

The SIE is open to anyone aged 18 or older, including students and prospective candidates interested in demonstrating basic industry knowledge to prospective employers. Association with a firm is not required to take the SIE, and results are valid for four years.

Is the Series 7 harder than the SIE?

The new Series 7 is harder, kind of The exam no longer includes all the simpler questions that now make up the SIE, yet the passing score is still the same: 72%.

What happens if you fail Sie exam?

Yes, if you fail the SIE, you will be permitted to retake it, but you will have to wait 30 days. FINRA is maintaining its 30/30/180 day rule with respect to the SIE. This means that if you fail the SIE you must wait 30 days to retest.

What is a passing score for the Sie?

70The passing score for the SIE is 70 (on a scale of 0 to 100).