How Do I Book A Test Drive?

What happens on a test drive?

At a minimum, make sure the test drive includes everything from parking and low-speed maneuvering to urban, arterial and, if possible, motorway driving.

In a new car, the test drive will help you determine whether you like the driving feel and comfort of the car, and whether it’s a practical fit for your needs..

How long is a normal test drive?

Drive them as long as possible—at least 30 minutes—and over different types of road surfaces and in various driving conditions. Plan your own driving route in advance.

Is Hard acceleration bad for your car?

Hard acceleration burns a ton of fuel (ok, maybe not for a Tesla) and places heavy load on drivetrain components. Full-force stops cause rapid wear to the brake pads and rotors. … Leaving your hand on the shifter causes puts strain on the transmission’s bushings and synchronizers, leading to premature wear.

What do I need to test drive a car at a dealership?

What Do I Need to Test Drive a Car? Requirements to test drive a car may vary by dealership and state, but typically you’ll just need to have a valid driver’s license on-hand to take it for a spin.

Can a dealership deny you a test drive?

Some dealers make you schedule or don’t let you test drive their high performance vehicles because there are jackasses out there that like to take joyrides and end up crashing. That + the guy who actually will buy the performance car wants one with as close to 0 miles as possible.

Can I test drive a car at 17?

There is no age limit per se, all you need is a license. The auto dealer has insurance to cover people that are test driving their cars, so that is not an issue. If you are young however, a lot of dealers discriminate against younger buyers, seeing them as “test pilots”.

Can I test drive a car for fun?

no. They sell them. Some dealerships will have a system where they rack up all the test drive miles on a particular car, then sell that one at a discount. But most dealerships will just allow a couple of test drives per vehicle, selling a lot of cars with 20-30 miles on them.

What happens if you wreck on a test drive?

If you are responsible for a car accident during a test drive, the dealership can try to hold you liable. Generally speaking, in these cases, your own car insurance policy would kick and pay for a test drive crash just as it would be if you got into an accident when driving a rental car.

What do you test in a test drive?

Paying attention to detail during a test drive can save you a headache later, even if you’re only test driving new cars….1. The test drive begins as soon as you’re on the lotExamine the vehicle’s body for dents, cracks and rust. … Check the tires for remaining tread life and signs of uneven wear.More items…•

Should I let someone test drive my car without me?

The most important piece of advice is to trust your instincts. If any aspect of the potential buyer makes you uncomfortable, don’t turn over the keys. As a private seller, you are not required to let someone drive your car — ever.

Can you just test drive any car?

If you are thinking about buying your first car or a new car, you should test drive several vehicles before making a decision. Most car dealerships will allow you to take a short drive in any of their cars. A test drive will enable you to imagine yourself as the owner of that particular car.

How do you organize a test drive?

How to Safely Arrange a Test Drive When Selling Your CarPrepare in Advance. Before you start talking with potential buyers, plan a route for their future test drives. … Screen Buyers Thoroughly. … Meet in a Public Place and Bring a Friend. … Take Pictures. … Ride Along.