Is Fitbit Inspire Waterproof?

Is the Fitbit light waterproof?

The Versa Lite is still waterproof up to 50m, so you can certainly still swim with it, but you won’t be able to track the workout beyond calorie burn, active minutes etc.

You also don’t get Fitbit Coach, the company’s personalised workout app..

Can I wear my Fitbit inspire in the shower?

Like the hardiest of bands, the Fitbit Inspire HR is 5ATM water resistant. You can wear it in the shower, or the swimming pool. And give it a rinse after a particularly gruelling, sweaty run. This isn’t a hardcore tracker, mind.

Can I swim with my Fitbit Charge 4?

Fitbit Charge 4 Thanks to the fact that it packs in Fitbit’s SmartTrack tech, the Charge 4 is able to automatically recognise when you’re swimming; capturing swim lengths, duration, distance and pace.

What’s the difference between fitbit versa and Fitbit Lite?

Lite changes The Versa Lite is more or less a clone of the original Versa smartwatch, which came out last March. The main difference you’ll notice between the two devices is that the Versa Lite only has one button, while the Versa and Versa Special Edition have three; one on their left side and two on their right.

Can I wear my Fitbit ionic in the shower?

Most Fitbits are considered “water-resistant,” meaning that if you get caught in a light rain shower or splash water on the band while washing dishes, you’re not going to destroy it. … Thankfully, Fitbit offers three water-ready options: The Flex 2, the Ionic, and the Versa.

How do I swim with Fitbit inspire?

How do I set the pool length for my Fitbit device?Charge 3 & Charge 4. On your device, open the Exercise app. … Flex 2. Make sure automatic swim tracking is turned on. … Inspire HR. On your device, open the Exercise app > Swim. … Ionic, Versa & Versa 2. On your device, open the Exercise app > Swim. … Versa Lite Edition.

Which Fitbit can be worn swimming?

The good news is that all Fitbit trackers and smartwatches are water resistant. They can handle rain, sweat, and doing the dishes. But not all Fitbits are safe for swimming. The Charge 4, Versa 2, Flex 2, and Ionic are swim-proof to 50 meters.

How do I get my Fitbit to track swimming?

From the Fitbit app dashboard, tap the exercise tile > your most recent swim. What are my options for swim tracking with my Fitbit device? Depending on your device, choose to track your swims automatically, or use the Exercise app to start and stop your swim workout.

How does my Fitbit know I’m swimming?

Fitbit for Open Water Swimming– Some swim trackers require you to set the distance of your pool and they track your distance based on laps. … Fitbit For Swimming with Kickboard – So, mental note, you usually wear Fitbits on your arm. That is how it usually measures your stride and movement.

What wrist should I wear my Fitbit on?

Wear it on your non-dominant wrist Most people wear watches on their non-dominant wrist. Your fitness tracker is like a watch (and, in some cases, it is a watch), and should also be worn on your non-dominant wrist. That’s your left wrist if you’re right-handed, and your right wrist if you’re left-handed.

Does fitbit track steps without phone?

MobileTrack lets you use the Fitbit app without a Fitbit device by using your phone’s sensors to track basic activity data including steps, distance, and calories burned. … In addition to activity tracking, you also have access to other app features such as: Food tracking. Weight tracking.

Is the Fitbit inspire good?

The Fitbit Inspire is a basic activity tracker. As long as your expectations are managed then it’s a great device, delivering good performance in all the features it does offer, even if these are fewer than we’d liked to see.

Which fitbit should I buy?

Fitbit Charge 4. The best fitness tracker. … Fitbit Versa 2. The best Fitbit smartwatch. … Fitbit Ionic (discontinued) Best Fitbit for runners. … Fitbit Inspire HR. The best cheap Fitbit fitness tracker. … Fitbit Versa Lite Edition. The best cheap Fitbit smartwatch. … Fitbit Ace 2. The best Fitbit for kids.

How far down is 50 meters?

165 feet50 meters is equal to 165 feet or 5 ATM. 100 meters is equal to 330 feet or 10 ATM. 200 meters is equal to 660 feet or 20 ATM. Diver watches are ISO regulated, and labeled as 150 to 200 meters, which is equal to a water depth of 500 to 600 feet.

Does fitbit inspire tell the time?

It does the same things that the Inspire HR does, monitoring your heart rate, tracking activity and sleep, and offering specialized activity tracking modes. Still, it has a bigger display, which better presents the time, as well as up to seven days of battery life, as opposed to the Inspire’s five days.

What can the Fitbit inspire do?

The Fitbit Inspire HR is an advanced tracker that monitors your heart rate, which in turn allows it to monitor several other things. It can also monitor your various stages of sleep and, most importantly, it can track many kinds of exercises, automatically.

Is the Fitbit inspire swim proof?

Fitbit Inspire HR features an OLED screen that is water-resistant up to 5ATM. It can handle all the sweat, rain and splash you put it through. … You can use any type of stroke, be it butterfly, backstroke or freestyle to swim with your Fitbit tracker.

Can I wear my Fitbit in the pool?

Most Fitbit devices are water-resistant to 50 meters but not waterproof. … They’re designed to be rainproof and splash-proof and to stand up to even the sweatiest of workouts.

Can fitbit versa Lite play music?

No music. … While the original Versa which had onboard music storage, Wi-Fi to sync music tracks, and Bluetooth to connect headphones, the Versa Lite only has music controls that allow you to stop/pause/skip music playing from your phone.

Can you wear versa in the shower?

Just because the “proof” designation isn’t there doesn’t mean your Versa is vulnerable in water, however. You’ll be able to wear it in the pool, in the shower, and anywhere else it might get wet without worry.

Can I shower with my charge 4?

The Fitbit Charge 4 is water resistant to 50m, meaning it’s safe to get wet – be that through sweat, swimming or just in the shower.