Is VOAK A Word?

What is anticipatory excitement?

Anticipatory describes the feeling you get when you know what’s coming.

It can also describe something that happens because something else is going to happen later — like that anticipatory excitement you feel the night before a big party.

It’s related to the feelings you get while waiting and preparing for something..

What does Anility mean?

(ăn′īl′, ā′nīl′) adj. Unable to think clearly or infirm because of old age. [Latin anīlis, from anus, old woman.]

What does Devisable mean?

adjective. capable of being devised, invented, or contrived.

Is Anticipatorily a word?

adj. of, showing, or expressing anticipation.

What is another word for divisible?

What is another word for divisible?separabledividablesplittablebreakabledetachabledissolubledissolvabledistinctdistinguishabledivided6 more rows

What is another word for anticipation?

Frequently Asked Questions About anticipation Some common synonyms of anticipation are foretaste, outlook, and prospect. While all these words mean “an advance realization of something to come,” anticipation implies a prospect or outlook that involves advance suffering or enjoyment of what is foreseen.

Is Flowerful a word?

(poetic) flowery, abundant in flowers.

What does flowery mean?

1 : of, relating to, or resembling flowers. 2 : marked by or given to rhetorical elegance flowery speeches.

What does venality mean?

Venality is a vice associated with being bribeable or willing to sell one’s services or power, especially when people are intended to act in a decent way instead.

What does divided mean?

verb (used with object), di·vid·ed, di·vid·ing. to separate into parts, groups, sections, etc. to separate or part from something else; sunder; cut off. to deal out in parts; distribute in shares; apportion.

Is Flowery an adjective?

adjective, flow·er·i·er, flow·er·i·est. covered with or having many flowers. decorated with floral designs. rhetorically ornate or precious: flowery language.

What is anticipatory listening?

Listener anticipates what the speaker will say then rushes (jumps) ahead to plan a response.

Is Anality a word?

noun, plural a·nal·i·ties. the condition or quality of having an anal character; collectively, the personality traits characteristic of the anal stage of psychosexual development.

Is Dividable a word?

adjective. capable of being divided; divisible.