Question: How Difficult Is IPCC?

How many hours a CA student should sleep?

8 hoursYou should take proper sleep of around 8 hours (7 hours in the night and 1 hour in the afternoon to get refresh your mind).

Save your time by becoming efficient, not by reducing sleeping hours..

How many hours a CA student should study?

You need not to study for 14-16 hours a day. Daily study for 10 hours is good enough. You may be able to study for more hours but your productivity will be very less. Hence take enough sleep to increase your productivity.

How many hours study for IPCC?

two hours1. You should Study Daily. From the beginning, study at-least two hours daily, if you want success in IPCC exam and try to cover two subjects; first is theory & second is practical. To be successful, it is compulsory that you should study daily.

Do IPCC attempts matter?

no company will ask you about your attempts they will only consider your experience. Attempts of final matters only ,IPCC and CPT attempts doesn’t matter.

How many attempts are allowed for IPCC?

8 attemptsIntermediate Course students – IPCC: Initial registration for then IPCC, now Intermediate (IPC) Course is valid for 4 years. That means 8 attempts. (yearly two) After 4 years you should revalidate it for another 4 years.

Which is the toughest subject in CA Intermediate?

Although it’s a subjective question, but from a general point of view- Audit and EISSM form the toughest subjects in CA inter since EISSM is very vast and many things are technical too. Also ,the examiner wants you to present such bookish high level words in the paper .

Can I get job after IPCC?

IPCC cleared students are known as Semi Qualified. There are job opportunities available for semi qualified persons in the market. The kind of job for a fresher semi qualified (after completion of articleship with a CA) is accountants, audit assistant, taxation, finance, banking etc.

What are the subjects in IPCC?

IPCC Syllabus Paper 1: Accounting.IPCC Syllabus Paper 2: Business Laws, Ethics and Communication.IPCC Syllabus Paper 3: Cost Accounting and Financial Management.IPCC Syllabus Paper 4: Taxation.VAT (25 marks)GROUP II.IPCC Syllabus Paper 5: Advanced Accounting.IPCC Syllabus Paper 6: Auditing and Assurance.

How do you get a rank in CA Inter?

Devote 10-12 hours to Study. Good rank comes with a good solid effort. … Get Some Guidance. … Summarize Each Lesson. … Practice Mock Tests. … Solve Last Year Question Papers. … Value Each Subject. … Decide a Smart Revision Plan.

Can I pass CA IPCC without coaching?

Yes, one can easily pass CA IPCC without any coaching. For passing ICAI exams you only need good study material, notes etc.

Is CA tougher than IAS?

IAS is much tougher than not only CA but also than many other tougher exams like IIT in India. CA is just a degree course in which you should hold a range of information.

What happens if I fail the IPCC?

In case you passed the Group-1 but did not clear the Second group then you will be eligible to register for three years Articleship Training. However, if you are confident that you can manage your second group studies with the office then only you should register for the Practical training.

Can I clear IPCC in 3 months?

So we have sufficient time for exam preparation. ICAI already had declared CA IPCC results of May 2018. … Just follow this study plan, you can crack your CA IPCC exam in your 1st attempt easily. You can adjust this study plan from 3 months to 2 months.

Can I pass IPCC in 2 months?

We can definitely complete our preparation in 2 ½ months very easily. In this 2 ½ months preparation you have to do 3 times of revision for CA IPCC exams. The study plan for CA IPCC exam preparation is as below.

What if I fail in CA Intermediate?

If you fail CA Intermediate exam then you attempt the same again. Exams for CA Intermediate and CA Final are held twice a year, namely in May and November. So, you have two chances every year to pass your exams.

What can I do after CA IPCC?

If you have passed either of the group of both the groups of CA-IPCC, then successfully complete one month course on ICITSS, and thereafter join Article ship for 3 years under a practising Chartered Accountant. After 2.5 years of article ship, you will be eligible for appearing in CA Final Examinations.

How hard is IPCC?

A little impossible in just 8 months. The Pass Percentage – On an average, only 5-6% of the people who appear for the exam cleat it. That amounts to 5/100 every term! And only around 4000-5000 students clear the exam in each term.

Is IPCC Group 2 tough?

Hello, Yeah,, this is the general students opinion that group 2 seems to be a little bit tough compared to group 1.. These are the reasons why group 2 would be tough for few. It has two theory subjects & one problematic paper,, so you should have a good grip over icai terminology in order to score aggregate..