Question: How Do I Use The Digital Secure Key On The HSBC App?

What is the 6 letter code on HSBC banking app?

The single-use passcode is the 6 digit numerical code generated.

by Secure Key, that allows you to access your.

HSBC France accounts on Internet banking and on your mobile.

It has a limited period of use..

Where is Digital Secure Key on HSBC app?

Log on to your mobile banking app. Then select ‘More’, ‘Security settings’, and ‘Switch Digital Secure Key’. 2. Select ‘Activate now’.

How do I find my digital secure key password?

Download the appLog on to mobile banking app. … Select ‘Activate Digital Secure Key’.To activate your Digital Secure Key on this device, we will need to send you an activation code. … Type in your code, but leave out the (01). … Type your new Secure Key password.More items…

Can I log on to HSBC without secure key?

If you don’t have access to your Secure Key, go to our online banking log on page, enter your username and select ‘I’ve forgotten all my log on details or I don’t have my Secure Key’. Follow the instructions and activate your new details via our automated phone service.

How do I activate my HSBC security device?

Press and hold the green button to turn on your Security Device. Enter your Security Device PIN. With “HSBC” displayed on the Security Device screen, press the green button to generate the security code. Enter this Security Code and click “Continue” to complete the activation process.

What is a digital secure key with HSBC?

Digital Secure Key, a function of HSBC Mobile Banking application, is an application of one time password generation, which you can use in your iOS and Android mobile devices. Following the activation of Digital Secure Key, you can access the HSBC Mobile Banking application just with a single password.