Question: What Does Restricted Phone Call Mean?

Can you find out who called from a restricted number?

Step 1.

Ask your phone company for call tracing.

With call tracing, you can dial *57 on your phone immediately after receiving a restricted call.

If the number originated from within your local calling area, you’ll be able to access the number..

Why do my calls show up as restricted?

If for some reason, that business is updated with a restricted/privacy setting in their landline providers line information database when making calls to us, then that could cause that Restricted message to appear on your Caller ID. You may also want to remove the contact and re-add it in your contact list.

What does it mean when you get a call from a restricted number?

A restricted call is when someone who doesn’t want to be traced calls another person. These type of calls will often appear on a cell phone as “Restricted” when the call is incoming. It’s typically difficult to find out the actual number of the restricted call, but likely, you’ll just want to block the number.

Should you answer restricted phone calls?

“Restricted” numbers do have their downfalls. Most people who get called by someone with a “restricted” number do not answer the call; they simply do not want to answer a call without knowing who is on the other end.