Question: What Is Cambridge Famous For?

What should I see in Cambridge?

Top Attractions in CambridgeFitzwilliam Museum.

3,479 reviews.

The River Cam.

2,400 reviews.

University of Cambridge.

815 reviews.

King’s College Chapel.

3,311 reviews.

The Cambridge Gin Laboratory.

523 reviews.

Cambridge University Botanic Garden.

Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial.

The Centre for Computing History.More items….

What is there to do in Cambridge at night?

Things To Do By Night Ghost Walking Tours. Theatre. Cambridge Shakespeare Festival. Outdoor Cinema. Live Music Venues. Cocktail Making Classes. Nightclubs. Cambridge Wine School.More items…•

Is Cambridge expensive?

While Cambridge is known as one of the most expensive cities in the UK to live in, that’s mostly because of accommodation costs. … Rent for a private 1-bed relatively close to the city centre or in the residential parts of Cambridge: £700-£800.

How much is a punt ride in Cambridge?

How much does punting cost in Cambridge? Punting costs anything between £5 – £149 depending on if it’s a self-hire boat or a Chauffeured Punting Tour.

Can you visit Cambridge University for free?

Visitors can get a glimpse at more than 800 years of history by venturing inside the Colleges of Cambridge and their gardens. A day out at the colleges can be an affordable way to get to know the city as although some charge a small fee, most allow visitors to enter for free.

Is Cambridge cheaper than London?

Cambridge is 27% cheaper than London.

How much is train from London to Cambridge?

How much is a train ticket from London to Cambridge? Take the train from London to Cambridge from just £9.50 one-way based on a return fare. Plan your journey online to see the cheapest train tickets to Cambridge for your chosen travel times.

What subject is Cambridge University famous for?

Ranked among the world’s best for 43 subjects; in the top 10 for all but four of these. First in the world for anatomy and physiology, anthropology, archaeology, classics and ancient history, English language and literature, geography, modern languages, pharmacy and arts and humanities.

What can you do in Cambridge for free?

10 free things to do in Cambridge for touristsEvensong at King’s College or St John’s Chapel. … Fitzwilliam Museum. … Scott Polar Research Institute Museum & Library. … Trinity College’s Wren Library. … The Eagle. … Public open evening at the Institute of Astronomy. … Get outside. … Sedgwick Museum.More items…•

Is Cambridge better than Harvard?

There is not much that differentiates the four universities when it comes to facilities. But comparing Harvard and Cambridge, Harvard particularly has first-class resources and great transparency. Cambridge has only “OK” facilities, say some people, though it also has a hoary tradition and an unmatched campus.

What should I study at Cambridge?

Studying at CambridgeAnglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic. View profile.Archaeology. View profile.Architecture. View profile.Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. View profile.Chemical Engineering. View profile.Classics. View profile.Computer Science. View profile.Economics. View profile.More items…