Question: What Is Opposite Of Defeat?

What rhymes with raising?

WordRhyme ratingCategoriesphrasing100Nounphasing100Noun, Verbgrazing100Nounglazing100Verb, Noun96 more rows.

Does comfortable mean rich?

Comfortable also means having enough money for a good standard of living: They’re not rich but I think they’re quite comfortable.

What is a rich man called?

affluent – an affluent person; a person who is financially well off; “the so-called emerging affluents” Croesus – a very wealthy man. fat cat – a wealthy and privileged person. man of means, rich man, wealthy man – a man who is wealthy. millionairess – a woman millionaire.

What is the opposite word of defeated?

Defeat is the opposite of victory. When you lose, you suffer defeat. When you win, you defeat your enemy. This is a word that’s all about losing.

What rhymes with defeated?

Words That Rhyme With “Defeated” :2 syllables: cheated, greeted, heated, meted, seated, treated.3 syllables: accreted, competed, completed, conceited, deleted, depleted, maltreated, mistreated, repeated, retreated, secreted, unheated, unseated, untreated.4 syllables: superheated, uncompleted, undefeated. About | Privacy | Words | Feedback.

What is to be defeated?

verb (used with object) to overcome in a contest, election, battle, etc.; prevail over; vanquish: They defeated the enemy. She defeated her brother at tennis. to frustrate; thwart. to eliminate or deprive of something expected: The early returns defeated his hopes of election.

What does the word defeat?

Defeat, conquer, overcome, subdue imply gaining a victory or control over an opponent. Defeat suggests beating or frustrating: to defeat an enemy in battle. Conquer implies finally gaining control over, usually after a series of efforts or against systematic resistance: to conquer a country, one’s inclinations.

What does subjugate mean?

to bring under complete control or subjection; conquer; master. to make submissive or subservient; enslave.

What amount of money is considered wealthy?

Rich is relative. Merely having a net worth of $1 million, it seems, doesn’t mean you’re wealthy. In Charles Schwab’s annual Modern Wealth Survey, the amount people said it took to be considered rich averaged out to $2.3 million.

What is the opposite of temporary?

▲ Opposite of acting in a provisional or interim capacity. permanent. eternal. perennial.

What is another word for failure?

What is another word for failure?collapsedefeatsetbackbotchmisadventuremisfiremisfiringmishapnonsuccessunsuccessfulness39 more rows

How do you use the word defeat in a sentence?

Examples of defeat in a Sentence Verb We must be ready to defeat our enemies in battle. Our candidate defeated him in the last election. She finally found a solution to a problem that had defeated many other researchers. The bill was defeated in the state senate.

Is Achievement an antonym for defeat?

Answer. The antonym of defeat is success. * The two words given are closely associated and mean almost the same, however, success is a better antonym for defeat. * Other antonyms( words having opposite meanings) of defeat are victory, triumph, etc.

What is a synonym for defeated?

SYNONYMS. beat, conquer, win against, win a victory over, triumph over, prevail over, get the better of, best, worst, vanquish. rout, trounce, overcome, overpower, overthrow, overwhelm, crush, quash, bring someone to their knees. quell, subjugate, subdue, repulse.

What’s the opposite of humble?

Opposite of having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s importance. pompous. arrogant. conceited. proud.

What is opposite cheap?

cheap. Antonyms: rare, costly, worthy, expensive, honorable, noble, high.

What is the opposite of victory?

The opposite of victory is defeat.

What’s the opposite of wealthy?

Opposite of possessing financial wealth. impoverished. poor. penniless. destitute.

What is another word for patient?

patientforbearing, uncomplaining, tolerant, long-suffering, resigned, stoical.calm, composed, serene, even-tempered, tranquil, imperturbable, unexcitable, accommodating, understanding, indulgent, kind, considerate.informal unflappable, cool.rare longanimous, equanimous, inexcitable.

What word rhymes with Hill?

Words That Rhyme With Hill Syllable Words That Rhyme With Hill. All. Ball. Bell. Bil. Bill. Brill. Bull. Call. Cell. Chil. Chill. Cull. Dell. Dill. Dille. Doll. Drill. … Syllable Words That Rhyme With Hill. Angell. Anil. Atoll. Auvil. Bastille. Befall. Befell. Benzyl. Bowell. Brazil. Cowell. Deville. Distil. Distill. Douville. Dowell. … Syllable Words That Rhyme With Hill.

What is the rhyming word of twitter?

Near rhymes with TwitterWord1quitterDefinition2wickerDefinition3quickerDefinition4titterDefinition95 more rows