Question: What Is The Meaning Of Seek?

What you are looking for is what is looking?

Quote by St.

Francis of Assisi: “What we are looking for is what is looking.”.

What is seek in the Bible?

Seeking the Lord means seeking his presence. “Presence” is a common translation of the Hebrew word “face.” Literally, we are to seek his “face.” But this is the Hebraic way of having access to God. To be before his face is to be in his presence.

What is a synonym for seek?

verb. 1’six bombers took off and flew southwards to seek the enemy’ SYNONYMS. search for, try to find, look for, look about for, look round for, look around for, cast about for, cast round for, cast around for, be on the lookout for, be after, hunt for, be in quest of, quest, quest after, be in pursuit of.

What does it mean to seek first the kingdom of God?

If one places the pursuit of the Kingdom of God first, then material needs will follow without need for worry or anxiety. The present imperative verb seek makes clear that pursuing the eschatological kingdom is not a passive act, but one that must be pursued with rigour.

The words seek and search can often both be used for similar purposes. However, they are really quite different. One fundamental difference is that the object of seek is the item you are trying to locate, whereas the object of search is the place you are looking in.

What do we seek in life?

Seeking contentment alone cannot drive a meaningful life but combine the quest for contentment with a purpose in life and we have a way of life that can be quite rewarding. Purpose means that we have a larger goal in life — there is something that we work towards and it constantly challenges it.

Why should I seek I am the same as he?

I am the same as he. His essence speaks through me. I have been looking for myself.”

What is the difference between seeking and looking?

As nouns the difference between seeking and looking is that seeking is the act of one who seeks; a search or quest to find something while looking is (obsolete) the act of one who looks; a glance.

How do you use the word seek?

Examples of seek in a Sentence The office is seeking a salesperson. The prince is seeking a wife. Snakes seek the sun to warm their bodies.

What u seek is seeking U meaning?

That’s your life purpose.” In other words, living by the principle of “what you seek is seeking you” is about listening to your intuition, pursuing your dreams, creating your ideal reality, and knowing that the things that call to you are calling you for a reason. They are part of your purposeful path in this lifetime.

What does seek out mean?

verb. (tr, adverb) to search hard for and find a specific person or thingshe sought out her friend from amongst the crowd.

What is the past tense of to seek?

1 Answer. Hi Krystle, The past participle of the verb ‘seek’ is ‘sought’.

What is the third form of seek?

Conjugation of ‘Seek’Base Form (Infinitive):SeekPast Simple:SoughtPast Participle:Sought3rd Person Singular:SeeksPresent Participle/Gerund:Seeking

What is the means of seek?

Video shows what seek means. To try to find, to look for, to search.. To inquire for; to ask for; to solicit; to beseech.. To try to acquire or gain; to strive after; to aim at.. seek pronunciation.

Is seek correct?

“For” in “seek for” is not necessary. “Seek for” is not wrong but “seek” is better.