Question: Why Does FB Keep Stopping?

How do I uninstall and reinstall Messenger?

As with other third-party apps, you can remove it from your phone with a few taps.

If you use Messenger on a phone running a recent version of Android, open the Settings icon and select Apps & Notifications.

Find the Messenger icon; if you do not see it, tap See All Apps (or App Info) first.

Tap the Uninstall option..

How do I clear my Facebook cache on iPhone?

Step 1 Open the Facebook app on your iPhone. Step 2 Next, tap on the More button at the bottom and open Settings page. Step 3 Select Account Settings and scroll down to Browser. Step 4 Finally, click Clear Data to clear your phone’s cookie and cache from websites you’ve visited while using the Facebook app.

How do I clear my cache?

In the Chrome appOn your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app .At the top right, tap More .Tap History. Clear browsing data.At the top, choose a time range. To delete everything, select All time.Next to “Cookies and site data” and “Cached images and files,” check the boxes.Tap Clear data.

Why does Facebook app keep stopping?

Facebook that keeps stopping can be caused by too busy RAM. To solve this problem, you need to clear RAM and relaunch the application to check if it works. … Here is how to clear RAM using Device Care or Device Maintenance from Samsung. Go to phone Settings, then scroll down and tap on Device care.

What happens if I uninstall and reinstall Messenger?

In case you are wondering, whether they will be deleted or not, the answer is no. Nothing happens to your old messages or photos on Messenger. You can access them by reinstalling the Messenger app or checking them on the desktop.

How do I clear my Facebook app cache?

The app cache (and how to clear it)Open the Settings of your phone.Tap the Storage heading to open its settings page. … Tap the Other Apps heading to see a list of your installed apps.Find the application you want to clear the cache of and tap its listing. … Tap the Clear cache button.

Why would an app keep stopping?

There can be multiple reasons why apps to freeze or crash, especially when you consider the wide range of chipsets, screen resolutions, custom skins on Android smartphones. One reason could be low memory or a weak chipset. Apps can also crash if they are not coded properly.

What to do if Messenger is crashing?

Installing the latest version may help to fix problems when something’s not working. You may also want to uninstall the app and then reinstall it. Note: If you’re having trouble downloading the app, check your internet connectivity.

What happens if you clear cache on Facebook app?

Like all software, Android apps can accrue junk in their data caches. If left unchecked, Facebook’s cache can bog it down. Go to your phone’s Settings > Apps > Facebook and clear it out every few days. This should make the app feel “lighter” when running.

How do you fix settings keeps stopping?

Method 1: Restart your Android phone Most of the time, a simple restart will solve the problem for you. You can either switch off your phone and then turn it back on again, or you can simply tap on the restart option and wait for your phone to reboot.

What happens if you force stop an app?

Force stop, on the other hand, just stops the app from running. You will still have access to the app drawer and you can still use the app whenever you want. Something to note is that some system apps will automatically restart even if you force stop them.

What do I do if Facebook keeps stopping?

There are a few things you can do to prevent it.Clear some space. Take a look at what’s on your phone and have a clear out (Image: iStock Editorial) … Update. Make sure you are using the latest version of the app. … Delete and reinstall. … Hard reset. … Reset. … Conflict. … Disconnect Facebook. … Last resort?

Why does my Facebook Messenger keep closing?

It seems to have a bug which makes the app crash as soon as you open it, according to many user reports. The fix is just as simple: Download Messenger version 170.1 right now. It’s brand-new, released today, presumably just to counter that bug. Facebook confirmed to CNET that the new update should solve the issue.