Quick Answer: Can I Sign Up WeChat Without Phone Number?

Can I have 2 WeChat accounts?

First thing you need to know is that we cannot hold two wechat accounts from single phone number simultaneously.

If you want to create new one then older account must be deleted.

As soon as you create new account all your friends having your phone number will be notified that you got wechat account..

How Do I Unlink a Phone Number from My Wechat Account?Go to WeChat on the mobile device or computer. … Go to the homescreen.Click conversation menu on your screen and click on Back option to see a menu list of all your conversations.Click Me option on your app display. … Click account security option.Click the phone option.Click change phone number option.More items…

How many WeChat accounts can you have?

You cannot be logged into more than one account at a time on a single device. This is good news, as you can log in to your account anywhere, anytime […]

Can I hide my WeChat ID?

Can I hide my WeChat ID on my profile? Once you’ve set your WeChat ID, you won’t be able to hide it from your profile and it only can be changed once per year. … If you haven’t created a WeChat ID for your account, your friends can see your original WeChat ID which is automatically generated by WeChat.

How do I hide my phone number on line?

If you don’t want to let those who have your phone number to add you in their LINE contact automatically, this option can be turned off. By turning it off, they can only add you once you’ve accepted their request. Open LINE app > More > Settings.

How do I make a line account?

To create an account, first install LINE on your computer or tablet. After installing LINE, select the “Sign up” button to sign up for LINE. Like signing up on your smartphone, you’ll need to verify your phone number before you can start using LINE.

Can I make a new WeChat account with same number?

An email address can be used only once and to apply for only one WeChat official account. A mobile phone number can be used for up to 5 WeChat official accounts. For personal WeChat official accounts, only 1 ID will be accepted and only for that account.

Is WeChat linked to phone number?

You can link your mobile number with only one WeChat ID. You cannot link your phone number with a new WeChat account if you’ve forgotten your previously linked WeChat ID. … Once you’ve linked a mobile number on WeChat, it’s not available to unlink it but you can only change to another.

How do I know my WeChat ID?

It’s beneath the gray person icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Tap Settings. Tap Account Security. Find your username next to “WeChat ID.” It’s the first line under the “Account” header.

Can I have 2 WeChat accounts on iPhone?

You Can Now Easily Switch Between WeChat Accounts on Latest iOS Update. Tencent has announced the roll-out of a new update to the company’s flagship chatting software, WeChat, which will allow users to toggle between multiple accounts from the same device. Users of the app’s latest iOS update, Version 6.6.

Can I create a line account without phone number?

Search “LINE” in ‘App Store’ for iPhone users, in ‘Google play’ for Android users. … The good thing to use your Facebook account is that your friends on Facebook will automatically be added as your LINE friends. This is the only way to get LINE account without phone number.

Can I delete my WeChat account and create a new one?

Yes, but first you must unlink your old account’s phone number, you may link the old account with email or QQ account. Then you can use the same mobile number to register again.

Can you use Google duo without a phone number?

Google Duo is now letting users sign up without having to give their phone number. According to a report, this option is only available if you’re using the Android version of the app on tablets — other users still need to use their phone number to create their account.

Can you use WeChat online?

You can use http://web.wechat.com which was released 3 years ago. … First of all, there is a web version of the app available which is accessible to anyone. Secondly, you can use android emulators like Bluestacks and Youwave to install any android app on PC for free.

How can I use WeChat on PC without phone?

Well, the only way to log in WeChat in PC is through scanning the QR Code in your mobile device. You could try to log in other mobile device and then scan the OR code and log in to WeChat on your PC.

How do I connect with someone on WeChat?

Select the “Contacts” tab at the bottom of your screen, tap on the plus icon in the upper right corner, and choose “Add Contacts”. You can then search for people — or businesses — by phone number or WeChat ID, and add them to your network by hitting the “Follow” button.

Can I login to WeChat without phone?

Login Wechat without a Phone is possible. there are two ways. Visit Wechat PC version 微信网页版 and login it with your phone qrcode scanning. Download Wechat PC client 微信 PC 版 , It allows you to login several Wechat Account at the same time.

How can I recover my old WeChat ID?

Part 1. How to Retrieve WeChat AccountOn the WeChat login screen tap on “more” option and then select the switch account button.Now select the phone as login option and choose log in via SMS.Follow the instruction to receive SMS on your mobile number, complete the process and tap on submit.More items…

Can you use WeChat on a computer?

From the WeChat app on your phone, tap on the ‘+’ sign that is located at the top right corner. … Scan the QR Code on your computer browser to complete verification of Web WeChat.

Can we change WeChat ID?

To change your ID, simply go to the “Me” section in WeChat, then tap the top-right arrow and then tap WeChat ID > Change WeChat ID.

How can I get WeChat ID by phone number?

Click the ” + ” icon at the top right hand of your home screen. Click the space beside the search icon which says “WeChat ID/ Phone.” Type the username/ phone number into the space saying “WeChat ID/ Phone.” When you type in the username, click on the green search button that appears.

How do I get my WeChat ID and password?

(1) Tap More Options at the bottom of the WeChat login screen. (2) Select Log in to Another Account. (3) Tap Other Login Options > Log in via Facebook….Log in via Mobile number and SMS code. … Log in via linked email address and retrieved password. … Log in via QQ ID and QQ password. … Log in via Facebook.