Quick Answer: Is Well Designed Hyphenated?

Is well developed hyphenated?

To summarize, well requires a hyphen when it functions as part of a compound adjective (generally when it precedes a noun).

There is no hyphen when well functions as an adverb (usually following the noun being modified and a linking verb, such as to be), or when it is qualified (as in extremely well groomed)..

Is well mannered hyphenated?

Hyphenated adjectival compounds that appear in Webster (such as well-read or ill-humored) may be spelled without a hyphen when they follow a noun. (To avoid repeated “either–or” suggestions, the comments in 7.90 generally recommend hyphenation only before a noun). quote: He is a well-mannered boy.

Is well put hyphenated?

I don’t see the justification for “well-put,” but I do see the need for “well-put-together.” Without any hyphens, it could be misread as the woman being well (i.e., healthy), but the hyphens would need to encompass the complete compound adjective, not just part of it. … No hyphens.

Is well educated hyphenated?

well-educated and well-dressed are hyphenated adjectives from the adverb well, referring to a participle adjective like educated or dressed. It should be taken as a unit.

Is best known hyphenated?

The meaning of “well-known” is therefore well known (Chicago drops the hyphen for most compound adjectives after the noun). So “the most well-known author” arguably loses just a little by being changed to “the best-known author.” “Best-known” is OK, but it isn’t in Merriam-Webster.

Is toe to toe hyphenated?

There’s no cause for the hyphen when it’s not an adjective; it’s like any other adverbial phrase. They stood toe to toe, hand in hand, side by side, with a silly smile on their faces…

Is lesser known hyphenated?

Yes, “lesser-known” is grammatically correct IF it precedes a noun it modifies. If it is in the predicate of a sentence whose subject it modifies, it should not have a hyphen. … It applies to all groups of adjectives that modify nouns.

Is retraining hyphenated?

Hyphenation of retrain This word can be hyphenated and contains 2 syllables as shown below.