Quick Answer: What Does It Mean To Corner Someone?

What does it mean to back someone into a corner?

To force one into a difficult or unpleasant situation that one cannot easily resolve or escape.

My boss really backed me into a corner when he asked me to fire the CEO’s daughter..

Is around the corner a sentence?

very close to the place that you are: There’s a deli around the corner. A time or event that is just around the corner is coming very soon: It’s still cold today, but spring is just around the corner.

How do you spell coroner?

Correct spelling for the English word “coroner” is [kˈɒɹənə], [kˈɒɹənə], [k_ˈɒ_ɹ_ə_n_ə] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Is around the corner synonym?

What is another word for just around the corner?aboutaroundclosenighround the cornerclose at handjust round the cornerbyhardin26 more rows

What does team up mean?

: to join with someone to work together They teamed up to get the work done quickly. —often + withSeveral organizations have teamed up with one another in the relief effort.

What’s the definition of idiom?

An idiom is a phrase or expression that typically presents a figurative, non-literal meaning attached to the phrase; but some phrases become figurative idioms while retaining the literal meaning of the phrase. Categorized as formulaic language, an idiom’s figurative meaning is different from the literal meaning.

What does in the corner mean?

COMMON If you are in a corner or in a tight corner, you are in a situation which is difficult to deal with or escape from. The government is in a corner on interest rates and the same could well happen on fiscal policy. I knew I was in a tight corner and that everything depended upon my keeping my head.

What does it mean to corner the market?

To corner a market means to acquire enough shares of a particular security type, such as those of a firm in a niche industry, or to hold a significant commodity position to be able to manipulate its price.

Which part of speech is corner?

corner (adjective) corner (verb) corner kick (noun) catty–corner (adverb) … three–cornered (adjective)

Is corner a adjective?

The definition of corner is at an area where two lines or surfaces meet. An example of corner used as an adjective is in the phrase “corner store,” which means a store where two streets meet each other.

What is the corner of a building called?

A quoin is an angle at the outside corner of a building. You can call the corner itself a quoin, or use the word for the special stones or bricks that reinforce corners of brick or stone buildings. Some quoins are decorative features, providing variety and pattern to the corner where two exterior walls meet. …

What word rhymes with corner?

Near rhymes with CornerWord1corneredDefinition2dormerDefinition3warnerDefinition4mournerDefinition95 more rows

How do you describe a corner?

Here are some adjectives for corner: further left-hand, farthest, darkest, top left-hand, odd, disinterested, comfortable, out-of-the-way, upper right-hand, lower right-hand, farther right-hand, lower left-hand, tiny, cooler, upper left-hand, darkest, farthest, furthest, darkest, far right-hand, top right-hand, lowest …

What’s another word for corner?

Corner Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for corner?bendcurveintersectionjunctioncrookanglearcforkturnturning122 more rows

What is the opposite word of corner?

What is the opposite of corner?freeliberateundounfetterunfixuntieunleashlosescatterlet go13 more rows