Quick Answer: What Is A Synonym For Grave?

What is antonym of grave?


Antonyms: joyous, merry, facetious, unimportant, ridiculous, trivial, light, frivolous, futile.

Synonyms: sad, serious, momentous, weighty, pressing, sedate, demure, thoughtful, sober, sombre, solemn, important, aggravated, heavy, cogent..

What is a grave hole called?

grave pit the actual hole into which a body is placed, including a filled-in hole. grave post a simple wooden post used as a grave marker.

What is another word for death?

What is another word for death?demiseendcurtainsdeceasequietusbereavementdeparturedissolutiondoomexit65 more rows

What do you call the dead person at a funeral?

FUNERAL DIRECTOR – A person who prepares for the burial or other disposition of dead human bodies, supervises such burial or disposition, maintains a funeral establishment for such purposes. Also known as a mortician or undertaker.

What is the synonym of the word grave?

solemn, earnest, serious, sombre, sober, severe. unsmiling, long-faced, stone-faced, stony-faced, grim-faced, grim, gloomy. preoccupied, thoughtful, dignified, staid, dour, aloof, forbidding.

What is the meaning of grave?

noun. a place for the burial of a corpse, esp beneath the ground and usually marked by a tombstoneRelated adjective: sepulchral. something resembling a grave or resting placethe ship went to its grave. the grave a poetic term for death. have one foot in the grave informal to be near death.

What does tumulus mean?

noun, plural tu·mu·lus·es, tu·mu·li [too-myuh-lahy, tyoo-]. Archaeology. an artificial mound, especially over a grave; barrow. Geology. a domelike swelling or mound formed in congealed lava.

What is another word for fold?

What is another word for fold?creasegatherconvolutioncorrugationcrimpdoublingflectionflexurefoldinggathering60 more rows

Why are bodies buried facing east?

well in traditional Christian burial, the graves face east, because it is a reminder of the second coming of Christ, since he’s supposed to appear in Jerusalem, which is eastward from the countries ( if you’re talking of Europe, or America’s that is) and when Christ comes, his People will rise, and most Christians …

What is a synonym for alight?

SYNONYMS. land, come down, come to rest, touch down, light, arrive, descend. settle, perch, roost, sit, rest.

What’s another word for ablaze?

In this page you can discover 37 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for ablaze, like: blazing, burning, lighted, aflame, intense, vehement, heated, dull, excited, afire and ardent.

What’s the opposite of alight?

What is the opposite of alight?ascendclimbblast offfloat upfly offfly upgo uplift offmove uptake off22 more rows

Why are graves mounded?

Often the graves were facing East for a better view of the second coming of Christ. Field stones were most often used as gravestones. Amazingly, some of those field stones were shaped and carved with the deceased one’s information. … Then the soil was mounded up like a grave that had just been filled.

At what height would you find tumulus?

It is “one of the largest tumuli ever built”, with a diameter of 360 meters and a height of 61 meters.

What is grave danger?

If a situation is grave, it is serious and sad, like when a loved one is very sick. Grave can also describe causing fear or anxiety. If you are in grave danger, your personal safety is threatened. If you have a grave personality, you are solemn and dignified and don’t joke around very much.

What is the opposite of producing?

What is the opposite of producing?concealingcoveringdisguisingblanketingcurtainingsecretingobscuringshroudingsuppressingmasking13 more rows

How long does a body last in a coffin?

By 50 years in, your tissues will have liquefied and disappeared, leaving behind mummified skin and tendons. Eventually these too will disintegrate, and after 80 years in that coffin, your bones will crack as the soft collagen inside them deteriorates, leaving nothing but the brittle mineral frame behind.

What did the Celts bury in the burial mounds along with their dead?

According to the poems of Homer and the accounts of Caesar, on the Continent the Celtic dead were burned on a pyre. Sheep and oxen were slain and their fat was placed on the body, their carcasses around it. Jars of honey and oil placed around the body.