Quick Answer: What Is The Answer To Number 20 In The Impossible Quiz?

What is the answer to number 22 on the impossible quiz?

Question 22 from the Impossible Quiz states that “The choice is yours”, with the four possible options below being “+1 life”, “-1 life”, “Escape!!”, and “+1 skip”.

The answer is “+1 skip”, because it’s like an instant skip to the next question..

What is the answer to number 21 on the impossible quiz?

Question 21 of the Impossible Quiz Book consists of a rather simple division: it says “21 ÷ 10 = ?”. The potential answers include “2”, “210”, a question mark (“?”) and “Maths!”. There’s a 10-second bomb on screen. The answer to the division is “2.1”.

What is the answer to number 23 on the impossible quiz?

While any of the first three options would have made perfect sense, the answer in this case is actually “Bran”, since in order to save all of your changes in MS Paint, you must first give a name to the file where you want to save said changes, and “Bran” simply fills in as the file’s name.

How many questions is the impossible quiz?

110 questionsThere are 100 questions, plus the Epic 10 after Question 100. The answer is “No one knows that”, because the game assumes that nobody who has made it to this question has actually made it to the very end of the game, thus nobody really knows that this Quiz actually has 110 questions in total.

What is the answer to number 59 on the impossible quiz?

What you have to do is to rapidly click the circle so that the “lazer” charges, until it is eventually fired, destroying the bomb in the process. You’ll then hear the noise of a non-existent crowd clapping at the circle, which will then smile and give you a thumbs up, before you move on to the next question.

What is the answer to number 16 on the impossible quiz?

The actual answer to this question is “H”, which is the 7th letter within the words “the alphabet”.