Quick Answer: When Something Is Ahead Of Its Time?

What’s another word for in advance?

What is another word for in advance?beforehandbeforein readinessahead of timealreadyformerlyantecedentlyaforeaheadanteriorly78 more rows.

What is a forward thinker?

: thinking about and planning for the future : forward-looking a forward-thinking company.

What does it mean to do something in advance?

phrase. If you do something in advance, you do it before a particular date or event. The subject of the talk is announced a week in advance. Synonyms: beforehand, earlier, ahead, previously More Synonyms of in advance.

What’s another word for futuristic?

Futuristic Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for futuristic?innovativeadvancedstate-of-the-artultra-modernforward-lookingcutting-edgecutting edgehigh-techahead of its timespace-age113 more rows

What is record time?

: in the least amount of time ever He finished in record time.

What do you call someone that thinks ahead?

The definition of visionary is someone or something that thinks about the future or advancements in a creative and imaginative way. A person who is ahead of his time and who has a powerful plan for change in the future is an example of a visionary.

Which word means to inspect or view something ahead of time?

What is another word for ahead of time?advancepriorin advanceearlieraheadbeforehandpreviousinitialforwardpreliminary48 more rows

What is ahead of schedule?

1 : earlier than planned We finished ahead of schedule. 2 : doing or finishing something earlier than planned The builders came in ahead of schedule, and we are now able to move in.

What is the opposite of in advance?

The opposite of in advance is in arrears.

What does one day in advance mean?

It means you have to buy it at least one day in advance. It prevents people from standing at the front gate on their smartphone buying for the discounted price on the same day.

What’s a word that means ahead of its time?

Similar words for ahead of its time: ultramodern (adjective) other synonyms. adj.

What does ahead of his time mean?

Definition of ahead of one’s/its time : too advanced or modern to be understood or appreciated during the time when one lives or works As a director, he was ahead of his time. His movies are now regarded as classics, but they were unpopular when he made them.

What’s another word for early?

What is another word for early?prematureprecociousstaggeringunpredicteduncommonbefore timeearly birdin advancetoo earlytoo soon38 more rows

Can I buy some time?

To stall or delay in order to gain more time to do something. A noun, pronoun, or reflexive pronoun can be used between “buy” and “time,” as can words like “more” and “some.” I’m so sorry I’m running late to the party, but I’m almost there now—buy me some time so that I don’t miss the cake-cutting!

What does by the time mean?

At the time when something happens that is after another event or situation has already passed or occurred.

What does before its time mean?

phrase. If you say that something was before your time, you mean that it happened or existed before you were born or before you were able to know about it or remember it.