Quick Answer: Who Does The Host Ask The Next Tale?

What happens to Nicholas in The Miller’s Tale?

When Absolon, angered at being tricked into kissing Alisoun’s butt, returns to the window bent on revenge, Nicholas tries to get in on the joke by sticking his buttocks out the window.

Instead, he gets branded by Absolon’s hot poker.

In terrible pain, Nicholas cries out for water to douse the heat..

How is the Miller’s tale a response to the Knight’s Tale?

By “quyte,” the Miller means “answer” or “respond to”; one way of reading “The Miller’s Tale” is as a response to “The Knight’s Tale.” The Knight told a highbrow romance about a love triangle between two knights and their ladylove, an impossibly beautiful and unobtainable woman named Emily.

How does the Pardoner describe himself?

How does the pardoner describe his own character and morals in the prologue to his tale? The pardoner describes his motives as he preaches for nothing better for greed of gain. He craves wealth and possessions. Why are the three young rioters looking for Death?

What does Fabliau mean?

Fabliau, plural fabliaux, a short metrical tale made popular in medieval France by the jongleurs, or professional storytellers. … Fabliaux were characterized by vivid detail and realistic observation and were usually comic, coarse, and often cynical, especially in their treatment of women.

Why does the Miller tell his tale?

But the Miller, who is very drunk, announces that he will tell a story about a carpenter. … Chaucer then warns the reader that this tale might be a bit vulgar, but he must tell all the stories because a prize is at stake. Thus, the Miller begins his tale.

What moral does the Pardoner want us to draw from his tale?

What moral do you think Chaucer wants you to draw from the Pardoner’s tale? Money is the root of all evil. However, Chaucer also wants us to realize that supposedly holy members of the Church can be evil and corrupt like the Pardoner.

Why is the Miller mad at the Reeve?

“The Reeve’s Tale” is an attempt by the Reeve to “quite,” or answer, “The Miller’s Tale.” The Reeve is angry because the Miller has just told a story in which a carpenter is humiliated by his wife and her lover. … The similarity between the two tales may be evidence of a source relationship between them.

What does the Miller’s tale say about marriage?

If there is a message in “The Miller’s Tale” regarding marriage, it would appear to be that a significant age gap between husband and wife can often cause serious problems. … Perhaps this partly explains her marriage to a much older man; like many women of her time, she seeks protection from the big old world outside.

Why is the host so upset at the opening of the Pardoner’s Tale?

Why is the Host upset at the opening of the Pardoner’s Tale? … The pardoner says the main point of his sermons is that the love of money is the root of evil. It is not suitable for his purpose, he contradicts and says that money is bad.

What does the Miller say his tale is about?

After the Miller reminds everyone that he is drunk and therefore shouldn’t be held accountable for anything he says, he introduces his tale as a legend and a life of a carpenter and of his wife, and of how a clerk made a fool of the carpenter, which everyone understands to mean that the clerk slept with the carpenter’s …

Who is Nicholas in the Millers tale?

Nicholas is the mover and shaker behind most of the action in the tale: it’s he who seduces Alisoun and tricks John into sleeping in a tub so he can spend the night with her. Nicholas takes a hot poker to the butt when his rival Absalom shows up at Alisoun’s window intent on revenge.

What is the theme of the Miller’s tale?

Themes in the Miller’s tale include love and sex, lies and deceit, and competition. John the carpenter is deeply in love with his young wife, Alison. He goes to great lengths in an attempt to save her life from a flood.

What details make the Miller’s Tale realistic?

Some details that make the tale seem realistic are: setting in Oxford and Oseney; business success of the carpenter; and the poor scholar.

What prayer does the miller make at the end of his tale?

John breaks his arm when he cuts the rope. What prayer does the Miller make at the end of his tale? The prayer the Miller makes at the end of the tale is “Let God save all the company!”

Who tells the Miller’s tale?

“The Miller’s Tale” (Middle English: The Milleres Tale) is the second of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales (1380s–1390s), told by the drunken miller Robin to “quite” (a Middle English term meaning requite or pay back, in both good and negative ways) “The Knight’s Tale”.

How many husbands did the Wife of Bath have?

five husbandsThe Wife of Bath begins the Prologue to her tale by establishing herself as an authority on marriage, due to her extensive personal experience with the institution. Since her first marriage at the tender age of twelve, she has had five husbands.

What event disturbs them this morning as they drink?

What event disturbs them this morning as they try to drink? What disturbs them is a coffin is going past them. What does the knave-boy reveal to them when they ask him to find out what’s going on? The knave boy reveals to them that the dead man was one of their old comrades.

What is the Miller tale satirizing?

Chaucer set up these characters as the poke fun of lower class society. … The purpose of satire in the Miller’s Tale was for Chaucer to be able to better reveal his perspective on the lower-class society. Chaucer is obviously ridiculing the lower-class people for their earthy and bodily behaviors.

How does the miller cheat his customers?

The Miller grinds grain at the mill to produce flour and meal. He is dishonest, however, and Chaucer says the Miller has ‘a thombe of gold. ‘ In other words, he places a heavy thumb on the scales to cheat his customers.

Why is the Miller all pale and why is he having trouble keeping in the saddle as the pilgrims ride?

The miller is struggling to stay in his saddle as he rides alongside the company of pilgrims because, as the narrator says, he is pale with drunkenness, which is making it difficult for him to stay in his saddle.

What does Nicholas say will happen next Monday according to his astrological predictions?

What does Nicholas say will happen next monday according to his Astrological predictions? There will be a great flood.