What Does Presentable Mean?

What is another word for decent?

Decent Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for decent?properniceappropriatedecoroussuitablebecomingbefittingfittingrespectableseemly121 more rows.

What does mistrust mean?

lack of trust or confidence; distrust.

Is Presentability a word?

Capable of being given, displayed, or offered: presentable gifts; presentable attire. 2. Fit for introduction to others: presentable relatives. pre·sent′a·bil′i·ty, pre·sent′a·ble·ness n.

Why being presentable is important?

It is very important for an employee or business people to be presentable, as it shows how serious an individual is about his or her business. Being messy makes people to think that an individual is an unorganized and not considering his role or Job that important.

What’s another word for good?

What is another word for good?excellentexceptionalnicepleasantpositivesatisfactorysatisfyingsuperbwonderfulacceptable207 more rows

How do you spell presentable?

adjective. that may be presented. suitable or socially acceptable in appearance, dress, manners, etc., as for being introduced into society: a presentable young man. of sufficiently good, clothed, or clean appearance; fit to be seen: Are you presentable now?

What is the opposite of presentable?

Opposite of adequate or acceptable. poor. rubbishy. unacceptable. unsatisfactory.

Are looks important in life?

Although some evidence suggests that physically attractive people are initially viewed more positively by others, research has in fact found few associations between attractiveness and intelligence, ability or success. Thus, beauty may open a few doors, but it takes a lot more than good looks to make it to the top.

What is another word for pretty?

What is another word for pretty?attractivelovelygood-lookingappealingbeautifulfetchingcharmingcutesweetnice217 more rows

What makes a woman attractive physically?

Male. Women, on average, tend to be more attracted to men who have a relatively narrow waist, a V-shaped torso, and broad shoulders. Women also tend to be more attracted to men who are taller than they are, and display a high degree of facial symmetry, as well as relatively masculine facial dimorphism.

What does look presentable mean?

If you say that someone looks presentable, you mean that they look fairly neat or attractive. She managed to make herself presentable in time for work. … wearing his most presentable suit. Synonyms: tidy, elegant, well groomed, becoming More Synonyms of presentable.

What is another word for presentable?

What is another word for presentable?satisfactorydecentpassablerespectabletolerableacceptableadequateOKpropersuitable145 more rows

Why is it important to take care of your appearance?

With a bit of extra effort, you can improve your personal appearance and hygiene. Taking care of your appearance and hygiene is important for many reasons, including social, health and psychological reasons. It’ll also help prevent the development and spread of infection, illnesses and bad odours.

How can I get pretty overnight?

Um, not all of them though — you’ve been warned.Apply Dry Shampoo Before Bed. … Invest In A Silk Pillowcase. … Try A Nourishing Hair Mask. … Dabble In Overnight Face Masks. … Give Your Lips Some TLC. … Find Your Ideal Serum. … Sprinkle Your Sheets With Powder. … Go Crazy With Zit Cream.More items…•

How can a girl be attractive?

10 Most Effective Tips on How to Become an Attractive WomanDare to be Different. You already know that each one of us is unique in our own right. … Accept your Flaws and Embrace You. … Stand for What you Believe in. … Take care of yourself. … Smile! … Learn to have Fun and Celebrate Life. … See the Good in Others and Be Positive. … Be Spontaneous!More items…•

What’s the meaning of permit?

verb (used without object), per·mit·ted, per·mit·ting. to grant permission; allow liberty to do something. to afford opportunity or possibility: Write when time permits. to allow or admit (usually followed by of): statements that permit of no denial.

How can I look attractive?

50 Genius Ways to Be Instantly More AttractiveWear Red. Who knew color could make such a big difference in your level of attractiveness? … Show Off Your Hips. Don’t try and hide your hips—flaunt them. … Make Yourself Look Taller. … Highlight the Left Side of Your Face. … Travel in Groups. … Fill in Your Eyebrows. … Put On Some Sunglasses. … Walk With a Swagger.More items…•

Does your appearance affect your success?

Research shows that your appearance strongly influences other people’s perception of your financial success, authority, trustworthiness, intelligence, and suitability for hire or promotion.